"How do you get a $16500 tonearm for $1900? Let
me suggest that you compare the Pete Riggle
Woody(tm) with the Durand Telos. "
-Pete Riggle

"I could never afford to purchase a Schroeder,
 and The Woody is every bit as good.
Every parameter you could
want is easily adjustable; and it's so damn beautiful,
and so musical too."
- Ted Danowski

"I just want to let you know how great the Woody tonearm is. 
Sometimes I can't believe the amount of musicality this

beautiful device produces. I'm building up a Lenco table,

and Wondering if you can accept a trade in
of my 240 mm Woody for a 312 mm (12 inch) Woody"
-George Moore

New From Pete Riggle Audio Engineering!

The String Theory(tm) Woody(tm) Tonearms

The most easily adjusted tonearms . . . ever!

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The Pleasure of Vinyl Playback with the Woody

"This thing works great
and sounds even better!!"
-Mark Price

Pete Riggle Audio Engineering

 announces the
VTAF™(pronounced vee-taff, U.S. Patent No. 7630288), 
'Vertical Tracking Angle on the Fly'

The VTAF is a tone arm VTA adjuster with a tone arm mounting isolation system which provides remarkable improvements in sound stage, imaging, space, air, nuance, inner detail, dynamics, bass clarity, and musicality. The sonic benefits provided by the VTAF isolation system are above and beyond the sonic improvements achieved by adjusting VTA with the record in play!!

The VTAF (Vertical Tracking Angle on the Fly); also, Counterweight for the Common Man (CCM)

The VTAF allows smooth and easy VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle) adjustment on the fly for many combinations of tonearm and turntable.

The VTAF has been favorably reviewed in The Absolute Sound, at, and at, and has a multitude of satisfied users who have given enthusiastic testimonials to its sonic performance, ease of use, build quality, appearance, and value.

Also available from Pete Riggle Audio Engineering:
The VTAF Teflon Upgrade, which adds to the sonic performance and ease of use of the VTAF, and

The Counterweight for the Common Man (CCM), a counterweight structural upgrade which takes Rega tonearms to a new level of performance.

The VTAF Sliding Mounting Plate, a mounting plate for use with the VTAF which allows easy adjustment of mounting distance and overhang.

The Three Point Mounting Plate, a kit that modifies the VTAF for post mounted arms to accept three point mount Rega arms.

VTAF Extension Plates, used for mounting the VTAF Guide Assembly on turntables with small arm boards (examples: certain Nottingham tables, certain Origin Live tables, and certain Oracle tables).

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